Through enlightenment 2012 will become your best year yet, regardless of whether it’s really true, “that we create our own reality”. Through self improvement and enlightenment you can take control of your life so you can create everything you’re dreaming of.  Do you want to take command of the power of the spirit and realign your reality with your higher vision?  With the passing of each year and as humanity anchors positive intentions we take charge of our destiny and create a positive future. We can synchronize humanity and earth by being conscious of one another’s existence. According to the Mayan Prophecy 2012 is a year for enlightenment. We can bridge the gaps between cultures, races and religions through unified intentions; we can assist in world peace and planetary awakening on this beautiful planet. Through the power of the spirit we can awaken humanity and create planetary peace.

We are now living in the age of prophecy. We are now living in the age where we have the opportunity to re-awaken interconnectedness and interdependent relationships with the cosmos. There is no doubt that we are living in a special time with the ability to help fulfill the plan God as for earth. We are now in the days that mankind has long waited for. The time is upon us according to the signs that are all around us from the Qeros of Peru, the Yucatan of Mayans of Mexico and the Maya of Guatemala. 

We need to understand that everything around us affects our perceptions as well as our evolution. We are not separate from anyone or anything. We are one and a part one big family. We need to take responsibility for our actions because according to the Mayan code,” I am you and you are me”.

The ancients remind us that we need to live together harmoniously with honor for Mother Earth to increase the power of the spirit and become a true spiritual being. All prophecies remind us to look to the spirit for guidance. If we use our intuition and precognition to guide us, we will find enlightenment and change our lives and the world.

If we listen our inner spirit will always guide us as to what is important. Use your premonitions and intuition to create a better life in 2012.

We have been put on this earth to evolve in our capacity to express love for fellow man and to grow creatively.  As we evolve our awareness for all living things will increase and we will understand true power of the spirit. We have stopped listing to our spiritual intuition and precognition that guides us to a better life and focused on all the things that corrupt our souls. Jesus came to Earth to teach us how to live and love one another and forgive all those around us and ourselves.

For us to evolve we need to awaken our Kundslini energy, this is our deepest creative energy.  By awakening this energy our lives will be filled with health and vibrancy.

This energy will nourish us as we’ve ever been nourished before, but we must absorb this energy free the limitations that our environment places on us.

This energy shifts a very essence of our life; it allows us to understand that our spirit controls everything around us.  This energy controls our physical body our nervous system and mind, we are one complete integrated system.

When we can approach everyone around us with appreciation, an open heart, love and respect our lives will truly change.

I truly want you to believe in yourself and understand that you have the tools necessary, for you to take control of your life and be responsible for your actions. Through meditation and lucid dreaming in 2012 you will become more enlightened and your precognition and intuition skills will change your life.